DJ Reactions


Groove Armada "Yes! Loving This!"

Jason Bentley (KCRW Radio and music curator for Tron Legacy) “Its cool I like it, I can see it on CSI for specific scenes”

Jason Alexander (Hit the ground running, CSI Music Curators) “it has warmth, movement, emotion and you know.. an upbeat feel to it”

Michael Gray (Full Intention) "This is REALLY HOOKY Jules. WIll play this weekend!"

Allister Whitehead "VERY Good - I Like it"

Roy The Roach “Looks like you’ve got a HUGE hit on your hands, brilliant that its also the milestone 50Th Release! How do I get a copy – would LOVE to play that”

Rob Marmot “Big Summer Record. Really Nice”

Mitch Clarke (Ibiza Sonica) “Playing your wicked new track now on the radio Live!”

Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica) “This should be really big here this summer”

Sean Scott “Really like the track, it really stood out!!”

David Dunne “It’s a little cracker! Will deffo support – really cool catchy tune!”

Rob Roar ”Tracks sounding really good”

Jesse Scumfrog – “I Love the original” Playing on Air

Tommy Vee “I Love your stuff”

Jason Bye “Nice Melody”

Peter Luts “I will try the original mix for sure!”


Damien J Carter “Explosion in My Pants”

Adam (3 Beat Records) “will chart next week mate”

Richard Murray “sounds decent, prefer original I think”

Rob Jay “Wicked Mix Package. Ultra cool summer groove!”

Toby Jones (Zante, Greece) “Original been going down a storm!”

Greg Zizique “love the remixes, both sound equally great!”

Ryan Stent (Hed Kandi) “Nice work will give it a big airing over bank holiday weekend 4 u!”

Rob Freejack “Think this one will be a biggie for you mate!!”

Ross Burningham “I will be playing this in Ibiza and on my radio show”

Danny O Sullivan, Savanah, Ibiza “Really Like it. Very catchy

Mike Wall, Ministry Egypt “Im loking this a lot! Really caztchy and nice vibe please send!”

Peter Roberts (DMC) “I like this on first hearing. Very Nice!”

Steve Cochrane (Ministry Of Sound Radio) “Nice Tidy Instrumental”

Helene Stokes (DJ Magazine) "Loving it Thanks" - Proposed for Large UK TV Ad

Mike Stukes "Heard this in Miami. Saw ALL the commotion. Simple... yet DEADLY"

Brandon Block "Jules, another chugger mate, nice it the link to sound cloud doesnt work send it over

Pete Snodden, Cool FM “I don’t have a copy yet but it sounds AWESOME!”

Matt Peverell (Egg, Plastik, Ibiza) Big summer track with catchy hook!”

DJ Stevie T “Its original and has MASSIVE POTENTIAL

Stevie Dickinson "Nice, reminds me of the huge Cosmos - Take Me With You"

Gary Dedman "Very Nice - I Likey!!"

Mark Moore "Nice hook where the analogue synths and riffs work really well. Very reminiscent of Depeche Mode, a vocals goona take this to the next level!!"

Jay Kay "Hypnotic"

Ian Robinson "This Works!"

Milo "Simple Riff, has some real power though"

Paul Francini "Massive Potential"

Dj Soul Pusha "Nice Nice Track!"

Col Hamilton "Yup playing this"

Darko De Jan "Nice One!"

Mikey Gallagher "Cool Track Man!"

Steve Young "Very HAPPY VIBES. Can imagine this is gonna go OFF"

Darren Love "LOVE IT!!!!!"

Andrea Belli "Hypnotic and attractive riff......is sailing in my mind...good stuff Jules!"

Darren Jewell "great uplifting sound."

Jimmy kennedy "Really Nice Melody"

Chris Goode "Really pleased Lowered ARE BACK!! Will definately be playing this.

DJ Scott Park ""VERY LARGE TUNE INDEED, big beats and ,'lose yourself' in the groove , love it!!"

Jamie Allen "Great Track, very individual sounding. Great!"

Judge Jules – playing on BBC Radio One

Martin Wright “Nice tune. Please send me”

Wayne Eldridge "Love it mate, will spin on air in the morning"

Paul Hughes " So SO CLassy"

Ray  Roc “Feeling iT. Send me a copy ASAP”

Flash Brothers “Melodic and special, fresh track!”

Will Clarke, Kanya Ibiza, Good track bro”

Duncan Wallace (Kiss) "Catchy Tune"

Curtis Zack (XLR8 Magazine) "A Cross Between Tricky Disco & Plactic Dreams - Very Good Stuff

Simon Dale "Really Feeling That Jules"

Stonebridge "VERY cool Jules"

Bobby Blanco “Yeah Im right into it.. it kind a princey Detroit 80’s new wave punk funk!!”

Mike Van Loon (Hed Kandi) “MASSIVE. Love It!”

Carl Loben (DJ Mag) “liking this late night bleep bagatelle bizness!”


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